Haltia ulkoa iltahämärässä

What is Haltia

Welcome to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and to the Nuuksio National Park!

Finnish Nature Centre Haltia will give the visitor the feel of Finnish pristine nature and tourists can feel and experience most spectacular nature destinations under one roof.  Through exhibitions and events, we take a stand on current issues such as climate change and the positive impact of nature on well-being.

Haltia also offers sustainable facilities for various functions and events. Haltia has a nature shop and Restaurant Haltia provides organic and near-produced food.  Haltia nature school offers nature education for children in the form of nature school days and guided tours. The primary target group of the Nature School is 3rd–9th grade pupils from the Helsinki metropolitan area.


Haltia is a showcase of environmentally-aware Finnish architecture. Haltia was designed by professor Rainer Mahlamäki, who got his inspiration from the tales of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The design enables man and nature to come together peacefully and harmoniously. The center is built entirely of wood.

The eco-friendly design and construction of the building aims to create a minimal carbon footprint. In 2015, Haltia won the award for sustainable development at the highly esteemed European Museum of the Year Awards.


Haltia is operated by the Metsähallitus, state-owned enterprise that sustainably use, manage and protect state-owned land and water areas in Finland ensuring that everyone – including future generations – has an opportunity to enjoy nature. All 41 national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus safeguards biodiversity and have an important role when Finland strives for carbon neutrality.

Nuuksio National Park

In Haltia, you are surrounded by the spectacular views of Nuuksio and Lake Nuuksio Pitkäjärvi as well as the excellent hiking grounds of Nuuksio National Park. Nuuksio is one of Finland’s most popular national parks. The rocky lake upland is home to many species that thrive in old-growth forests, vibrant meadows and valleys, and ponds – a green oasis in the capital region.

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Press material: marketing manager at Haltia, Katja Määttä, katja.maatta(at)metsa.fi, +35840753 7476