Finnish Nature

Permanent main exhibition

In the Main Exhibition in Haltia you explore the magic seasons and get a taste of nature’s power of creation with a touch of mythology from the Kalevala.

The Snowy Canyon leads to the main exhibition and the space describes life on the snow, in it and under it.

Our main attraction is a huge nature panorama wall. The Five Seasons virtual wall is an eighteen-meter-long animated landscape panorama that invites you to step right into nature. It takes you from the Finnish Archipelago to the fells of Lapland and to all Finland’s 40 national parks. A virtual tour takes you also to 12 national parks landscapes.

On the panorama wall you also find a Australian Media Artist Andy Thomas’ artwork “Visual sounds of Finland” that presents how the sounds of the birds look like in 3D format. It is presented every 30 minutes.

The experience deepends with an audioguide, that includes in the ticket price.

Experiences in Main Exhibition

Come and see!

Entrance ticket and audio guide 13/8 €
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You can visit all exhibitions at Haltia free of charge if you have a Museum Card!

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Haltia’s nature panorama

The 18 meter wide nature panorama, a virtual landscape, in Haltia is called “The Five Seasons”.

Main Exhibition

Duck Egg

As the heart of the exhibition there is a large wooden Duck Egg (Sotkanmuna). The Duck Egg serves as the setting for the Game Theory video installation by artist Osmo Rauhala.

Mother Nature’s Call

At Haltia’s Mother Nature’s Call voice installation you may hear and feel the noises from the nature! Kirsi Ihalainen, the sound artist, has recorded unique sound clips from all over Finland.

Day hut

At the day hut you can sit down near the fireplace, read stories from guest books and peek out from the window to the nature outdoor.

Bear’s Den

In the Bear’s Den (Karhunpesä) room, you can crawl into the dens of various animals. You can even curl up next to Halla the bear.

Encounters with the flying squirrel in Urban Nature!

In the renewed Urban Nature exhibition space, you can now explore the life of a flying squirrel through Benjam Pöntinen’s slideshow, the interactive game for the whole family “Migration Journey” and the VR experience glasses.

A flying squrrel flies in the forest


The water flows from the rapid to the river and forward to the lake and finally to the Kvarken upthrust.


To Haltia also with bus!

With the bus 245/245A/245K to Nuuksionpää/Kattila that departs from Espoo Centre/ Espoo Train Station (plattform nr 32). The bus stop is called Haltia. Haltia is located 20 kilometres from the centre of Espoo and approximately 30 kilometres from Helsinki city centre.

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