Memorable guided tours at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

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Finnish Nature – updated content!

In Haltia’s main exhibition you will experience Finnish nature in a memorable way. The compelling guided tour adds fresh insights into the Finnish nature and its natural phenomena. The Finnish nature and culture have adapt to the Northern circumstances and seasons. The nature offers us both challenges and various well-being effects – moving in the nature produces health for the mind and body. How does our interaction work with the nature? Duration: 60 min.

Looking for the human nature

Join this tour to discuss and examine different views about human and nature. This inspiring tour will challenge you to seek answers to the question where goes the boundary between human and nature. The question will be approached through various angles. Duration: 60 min.

Haltia – The Pearl of Architecture

Haltia is the first public building in Finland made entirely of massive cross-laminated timber. The foundations of the architecture are environmental sustainability, functionality and usage of advanced ecological solutions. During the guided tour visitors will get acquainted with Haltia’s story and architectures details. Duration: 60 min.

Haltia – Intelligent and ecological

Haltia is a pioneer in ecological building solutions. On the guided tour you will find out about ecotechnology and its’ most advanced solutions. Haltia is the first European museum that has been awarded with special commendation for sustainability in year 2015. Duration: 60 min.

Prices and more information

The guided tour fee is 120€/hour (incl. VAT 24 %). You need also a entrance ticket.

The maximum size of the group is 25 persons/guide. At the same time we can guide seven groups (175 people) in the house.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. For German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian tours please check the availability beforehand.

We reserve the right to change prices.

Guided tours for child and school groups

For early childhood groups we offer many different kind of guided tours, where outdoor nature tour is included. For classes 1 to 6 we offer guided tour in Haltia’s main exhibition or many other possibilities inside and outside. In the guided tours for classes 7 to 9 we learn about the biodiversity of the nature and discuss about the future of the environment.