Experience the National Park and lake upland nature


Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a gateway to the Nuuksio lake upland wilderness. You can hike to the National Park’s main entrance by Haukkalampi through the forest directly from the courtyard of Haltia. Find the best tips for an excursion in Nuuksio below!

Nature near Haltia

The starting points of three circle trails are next to the courtyard of Haltia: the Päivättärenpolku trail (1.4 km), Maahisenkierros trail (2 km) and Punaisen sulan salaisuus (secret of the red feather) trail (200 m), ideal for a short walk for example when visiting the Nature Centre. A connecting trail runs from Päivättärenpolku trail to the main entrance of the National Park by Haukkalampi.

You can always contact Haltia’s customer service for the best and most topical tips for your outing in Nuuksio.

Gateway to Nuuksio

Trails close to Haltia

Punaisen sulan salaisuus trail (the secret of the red feather) 0.2 km

Nature trail for the youngest members of the family. There are many interesting activities along the trail. The rhyme on the nature trail boards will help you solve the mystery of the red feather – who does it belong to? The trail starts next to the campfire site in Haltia event field and is situated on a forested slope. The rest area along the trail is ideal for example for taking a break to enjoy a snack.

Päivättärenpolku trail, 1.4 km

Päivättärenpolku trail is marked in the terrain with cones. The nature trail starts next to the parking area by the red info shed. The information boards along the trail provide interesting information about nature in Nuuksio. The steep hills make the trail challenging.

Maahisenkierros trail, 2 km

The lookout point with magnificent views over Lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio is the gem of this trail. The rest area is ideal for enjoying a break and some snacks. The Maahisenkierros trail is a challenging trail accessible for wheelchairs. The starting point is on the hill on the left side of the Solvalla Areena parking area.

Connecting trail to Nuuksio National Park, 4.6 km

A connecting trail runs from Päivättärenpolku trail to Haukkalampi in the heart of Nuuksio National Park. The connecting trail includes challenging uphill and downhill sections. The steepest stretches have stairs.

Suitable trails for everyone

Trails in Nuuksio National Park

Are you an experienced hiker, a beginner or something in between? Nuuksio National Park is a vast area with a wide range of trails in different parts. The selection varies from a hiking trail across the national park to accessible trail sections. If you are unsure of whether the trail is suitable for you and your party, please feel free to contact Haltia’s customer service.

The Korpinkierros trail in beautiful wilderness is one of the most famous trails in Nuuksio.

Punarinnankierros trail, 2 km

The easy trail, starting in Haukkalampi, is ideal for beginners. Beautiful scenery with forest and ponds. There are campfire sites and camping areas along the way. Starting point: Haukkalammentie 32, Espoo.

Nahkiaispolku nature trail, 2 km

The trail running through challenging terrain introduces hikers to restoration of nature. Along the way, you will get to enjoy the sounds of the forest and the murmur of water in the creeks. Starting point: Haukkalammentie 32.

Kaarniaispolku nature trail, 2,7 km

The trail through rocky forest and marshlands is specially designed for schoolchildren, but suitable for everyone. There are checkpoints and even an old landfill site along the way. The starting point is at the end of Soidentaantie road in Veikkola.

Takala trail, 1.5 km / one way

The easy and atmospheric Takala trail runs through forested areas to the Takala lean-to shelter. The starting point is by the Kattila house. Kattila parking area: Kattilantie 424. This trail is suitable for biking as well!

Klassarinkierros Trail, 3.9 km

The trail, characterized by height differences, runs in the more quiet part of the national park through forests and past ponds. Along the trail, there is a campfire site, a camping area and a rental hut. Starting point: Valklammentie 1, Vihti.

Haukankierros Trail, 4 km

The trail, challenging due to height differences, is characterized by ravines and old-growth forests. Along the trail, there is a campfire site and camping area beside lake Mustalampi and beautiful views over Myllypuro valley. Starting point: Haukkalammentie 32.

Soidinkierros Trail, 4 km

On this easy trail, which mostly runs across open rocky ground, you get to enjoy the special atmosphere of old-growth forests. Views across Soidinsuo, the greatest marshland in Nuuksio. Starting point: Hotel Nuuksio, Naruportintie 68, Kirkkonummi.

Korpinkierros Trail, 6–7.2 km

The height differences and diverse natural environment with herb-rich forests, ponds and cliffs are the best part of the Korpinkierros trail. There are campfire sites and camping areas along the trail. Alternative starting points: Haukkalammentie 32 (7.2 km) and Siikaniemi (6 km).

Trail across Nuuksio National Park, 14 km

The trail runs from Siikaniemi to Haukkalampi, Kattila/Högbacka to Nuuksio North Gate. The address for Siikaniemi is Kolmoislammenranta, Espoo and the address for Nuuksio North Gate Salmentie 100B, Vihti.

Any questions?

The conditions in the national park vary constantly according to the weather and seasons. Whether you’re wondering about the condition of the trail you fancy, or how challenging it is, the firewood situation at the rest area or anything related to hiking, do not hesitate to contact Haltia for answers. Our customer service is here for you!

Stories about hiking in Nuuksio

The ‘Finland, naturally’ website includes a wide variety of stories about the Nuuksio lake upland and national park area. The stories by hikers describe the experiences in their own words and pictures. See what the Klassarinkierros or Korpinkierros trail looks like or the views by Nuuksio North Gate, or what it would be like to spend a winter night in Tikankolo cabin.

How can I get to Nuuksio?

Nuuksio is a vast wilderness area with numerous access routes. The main gateways are Haukkalampi and Kattila, but there are many other options as well, as presented below! You can use Haltia as the starting point for your outing to the national park. With the bus 245/245A/245K to Nuuksionpää/Kattila that departs from Espoo Centre/ Espoo Train Station (plattform nr 32).

Haukkalampi and Kattila

Trails starting from Haukkalampi include the Punarinnankierros trail, Haukankierros trail, Korpinkierros trail and Nahkiaispolku trail. The address is Haukkalammentie 32, Espoo. From Espoon keskus, take the bus 245(A) to the bus stop called Haukkalammentie. Haukkalampi is a 2 km walk away.

From Kattila, you can head towards Saarilampi, Ruuhilampi, Iso-Holma or Nuuksio North Gate. The address of the parking area is Kattilantie 424, and in summer, bus 245(A) will take you all the way to Kattila.

Nuuksio North Gate

Nuuksio North Gate offers a peaceful route to the lake upland and Nuuksio National Park. The address is Salmentie 100B, Vihti, and there is a couple of kilometers walk to the national park area. The destinations closest to this entrance in the park are the wonderful wilderness lakes Iso-Parikas and Vähä-Parikas.

At Nuuksio North Gate, there is a café and playground and a campfire site by the lake. In the area, you can stay overnight in a Tentsiles.

Valklammentie road, Vihti and Soidentaantie road, Veikkola

From the end of Soidentaantie road in Veikkola, Kirkkonummi, you can access for example the Kaarniaispolku trail, while from Valklammentie road in Vihti, you can start on the Klassarinkierros trail.


Siikaniemi is the starting point of the famous Korpinkierros trail, and you can also start hiking along the 14-km trail across the national park towards Nuuksio North Gate. The address for Siikaniemi is Kolmoislammenranta, Espoo. You can reach Siikaniemi from Leppävaara station in Espoo by bus 238 and from Espoon keskus, by bus 244(K).

Rent hiking equipment

If you need for example a pan for making pancakes or a coffee pot for a brew on the open fire, a tent, a camp stove or a rain poncho, you can rent one at Haltia.

Take a break

There a numerous rest areas in Nuuksio where you can cook on open fire. In addition to the ordinary campfire sites, there are for example cooking shelters. You can’t always make fire, or need not make one. In that case, you can take along one of your favorite dishes from home in a food thermos to enjoy either at a rest area or anywhere you like, without making a fire!

It pays off to be polite at rest areas. Make room, say hello and take all your trash away!

Campfire sites in Nuuksio


The rest area is divided in two by the small bay of lake Mustalampi. There is a cooking shelter, a dry toilet and camping area on both sides. On the eastern side, there is an ordinary campfire site in addition to the cooking shelter.

Destination on map


A campfire site, a cooking shelter, camping area and dry toilet by Lake Haukkalampi.

Destination on map


Campfire sites on the eastern and western sides of the lake. There are dry toilets and camping areas adjacent to both.

The eastern campfire site on a small island can be reached over a bridge. There is also a lean-to shelter on the eastern side.

Destination on map


Two campfire sites about 200 meters apart. Adjacent to the campfire site on the cape, there is a camping area and a dry toilet, and another camping area next to the campfire site on the shore of the bay.

Destination on map


Campfire site, camping area by Lake Urja. A dry toilet.

Destination on map


A campfire site and camping area by Lake Vääräjärvi. A dry toilet.

Destination on map


A lean-to shelter, a campfire site and dry toilet on dry land.

Destination on map


A campfire site and cooking shelter, a dry toilet, a waste disposal shelter.

A reservable hut and cabin, a reservable camping area, two saunas.

Destination on map


A campfire site, a dry toilet, a camping area.

Destination on map

Never light an illegal fire

By law, open fire is only permitted at designated campfire sites. Never make fire outside designated campfire sites even if you see that someone else has had a fire there before.

When the forest fire warning or the grass fire warning is in effect, it is illegal to light even the smallest open fire. When the fire warning is in effect, it may be permitted to light a fire at a campfire site with a flue and isolated from the ground, but during the most severe dry seasons, even this may be prohibited. Before your outing, find out what the situation is for example by contacting Haltia customer service. Welcome!