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Photo: Tero Sivula

Accessible Haltia

Haltia is easy to access. You can enjoy the beautiful building, inspiring exhibitions and the experiences offered by the surrounding nature on foot and by wheelchair. Haltia’s exhibitions also delight the hard of hearing or the visually impaired. 

Easy access has been one of the fundamental starting points of the Haltia design and building.

Parking for disabled persons by the main entrance

Next to Haltia’s main entrance, there are designated parking spaces for disabled people, and escorting traffic can drive right up to the doors.  Disabled persons can also park by the Solvalla Arena sports hall and head out on the nature trail that is accessible by wheelchair with an assistant. 

Haltia by wheelchair

Haltia was designed to enable wheelchair users to get almost all parts of the building (except Pohjannaula tower). A wheelchair fits comfortably in the three-story building’s spacious lifts. It is also easy for persons in wheelchairs or of short stature to visit Haltia’s customer service desk. The first and last seating rows in the auditorium are made up of movable chairs, allowing a wheelchair to be fitted easily into these rows. There are restrooms for disabled persons in all parts of the building, and also in connection with the classrooms. 

Hiking by wheelchair

A man rides a wheelchair on a nature trail.At Haltia, you can also go out to enjoy nature with a wheelchair, children’s pushchairs or prams at nearby Maahisenkierros nature trail. The beautiful trail begins at the upper courtyard of Solvalla’s Arena sports hall which offer parking spaces for disabled persons. The trail is roughly 1.8 kilometres long. Due to the varying terrain in the area, the trail is classified as a demanding wheelchair trail, and persons in wheelchairs need to bring an assistant with them. The steep stretches have support railings, and the entire trail is wide enough for wheelchairs and pushchairs or prams. There are rest spots along the accessible trail. 

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Haltia for the five senses

Haltia’s exhibitions are an experience for all five senses. 

The auditorium has an integrated induction loop for the participants of seminars and other functions. Haltia’s lighting has also been designed to enable the visually impaired to get around in the building.