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Corporate partnership

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia has several corporate partners. The objective of corporate partnerships is to enhance Haltia’s effectiveness as the showcase for Finland’s outstanding nature destinations. In its collaboration with companies, Haltia follows the guidelines for sponsorship laid down by the Finnish Ministry of Finance.

Haltia’s partners will be companies that share Haltia’s values and measure up to Haltia’s objectives for competence.

Haltia’s partners are committed to Haltia’s goal to provide visitors with the opportunity to connect with the natural world in a meaningful way, to inspire them to enjoy the outdoors, and to help children and young people forge a deeper relationship with the natural world. Corporate partnerships give Haltia a better chance of carrying out its operations and services to an ecologically and technologically high standard, as well as of delivering customer-oriented services.

Haltia will be happy to extend its network of corporate partners. For further details, please contact Tom Selänniemi, Director of the nature centre. 

Corporate partners

Fjällräven logo

Fenix Outdoor AB is a Swedish PLC (Publicly Listed Company), whose revenue is around 148 Million euro's. The company sells products for active lifestyle, outdoors and camping. The PLC owns, among many others, e.g. Partioaitta and Fjällraven brands. 

Fenix Outdoor equips Haltia's personnel with outdoors style uniforms from Fjällraven.  


fortum logo RGB

Fortum Oyj is a Finnish energy company that provides and sells heat and electricity, power plant operation and maintenance services and other energy related services. The vision of Fortum is to be a pioneer in clean energy and the aim is to promote the use of renewable energy.

In may 2016 a solar energy system was set on the roof of Haltia. The system is a part of the INTESEM - Intelligent Solar Energy Management from Cell to Grid project, which seeks to obtain additional information on the decentralized solar electricity production possibilities. The project is supported by Technology and Innovation Tekes.


Kinnarps logo

Kinnarps Oy is a Finnish family company that was based in 1990. The company offers interior decorations solutions both for offices and public buildings. High quality products and minor environmental impacts are characteristic for Kinnarps' operating sequence.

The cooperation with Kinnarps was executed through inserting decorative elements into Haltia's main exhibition hall. For example the sofa located in front of the panorama wall, where visitors can enjoy the varying seasons on the 18 meter long panorama screen, was produced by Kinnarps.


NIKARI logo musta

Established in 1967, Nikari Oy manufactures high-quality wooden furniture in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Our products, including those made to order, can be found in both public spaces and private homes. Our basic idea is to use certified wood from local diverse forests and turn it into furniture that represents superior quality in terms of both design and technical craftsmanship.

The award-winning design of Nikari furniture is ambitious and modern. It builds upon the tradition of simple Nordic design. The sober style respects the character of the wood itself. Our furniture therefore naturally blends in with its surroundings, regardless of the era.

Our collaboration with Haltia means that we can deliver our wooden products to Haltia’s facilities. We are happy to be involved in this project, because our way of thinking is quite similar; we both appreciate global sustainability, timelessness and high quality.



With a history spanning more than a century, Nokian Footwear is a brand deeply rooted in the Finnish outdoors. Knowledge of the northern climate and Finnish design combined with the latest footwear technology has made Nokian Footwear one of the most respected rubber footwear brands in the market. Since 2005, Nokian Footwear has been owned by Berner Oy, a Finnish family business with a clear focus on caring for the environment and the natural world.

Collaboration with Haltia enhances Nokian Footwear’s relationship with the natural world, and through our products, we wish to contribute to a quality experience when exploring the great outdoors.



Partioaitta is a store chain that operates in Finland. It sells products and equipment for nature and outdoor activities. Partioaitta was based in 1928 by the scout association. In 2011 it became a part of the listed Swedish company Fenix Outdoor AB, which owns, among other things, Fjallraven brand.

The cooperation between Haltia and Partioaitta is primarily event-co-operation. The aim of the both parties is to inspire people for nature and outdoor activities and perhaps to engage with some new outdoor hobbies. At some of Haltia's events Partioaitta also provides a possibility to try out outdoor equipment.