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Security System

Haltia’s architecture is unique, and that is why its security system had to fit into the aesthetic whole as seamlessly as possible. In placing the surveillance cameras, for example, you had to take into account not only security issues but also architecture, so the compact cameras are either hidden or camouflaged in the complex by paint.

A Smart Building Knows Who’s There

Haltia’s security technology is very modern and highly automated. Comprehensive access control makes it possible to use some parts of the building even if other parts have the control and alarm system on. The access control system has an integrated presence and door status display that keep Haltia’s staff informed on who is present in the building and whether the doors are shut and locked. This further improves the security and flexibility of use of the building.

Valuable Works of Art Safe and Secure

Haltia’s system for reporting offences is integrated into the access control system, which means it can be automatically switched on and off according to staff movements Haltia’s security classification is so high it can even host valuable art. The surveillance of the works displayed meets the security levels required by international museums.

The reporting system is enhanced by video surveillance, among other things. If a visitor goes too close to a valuable object, the system gives a pre-alert, or provides Haltia’s staff with a report on the incident and also issues a warning signal to the visitor.

Outdoor Surveillance Reduces On-Site Checks

Outdoor surveillance is also in place on the Haltia premises and uses remote management as much as possible due to the building’s secluded location. The alarm system detects motion and reports it to the security company. Through video surveillance, the security company can evaluate whether or not they need to come and check the site or if the alarm was caused by an elk or some other animal. This reduces unnecessary on-site checks, fuel wastage, and emissions. When necessary, the security company can use loudspeakers to address people moving about in Haltia’s grounds.

Haltia’s camera surveillance is energy- efficient; the cameras have, for example, infrared LED lights that use little electricity and switch on automatically according to the amount of light surrounding them.

Security Technology Facilitates Exhibition Planning

Haltia’s indoor surveillance is used to monitor the security of the building and the exhibitions, but it also provides information that facilitates the planning of future exhibitions. Analytics software analyses the video footage and creates a thermal map or a graphical presentation that shows how long people stay in a certain exhibition hall or by a certain exhibit, which routes they prefer and which exhibits in the exhibition attract them most. The system records the levels of use of Haltia’s various exhibitions and services.

Haltia’s video surveillance does not breach privacy rules, and visitor analysis does not display pictures of people. The data is used to help build even more interesting exhibitions in the future.