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Haltia for kids

Come and see Finland's diverse nature and wildlife in Haltia!

There's many things kids love to do and see in Haltia, here's some tips:


Snow Canyon

Once you enter into the Haltia exhibition hall, you will be surrounded by nature! Have you seen the fox? Wolverine? Weasel? At Snow Canyon you'll see Finnish wildlife at winter time. So close you may even pet these wild animals!Haltia Snow Kanyon Lumikanjoni


Finnish wildlife at Haltia's various exhibitions

Bears at the bog. Whooper swans singing. Reindeers fighting. Come and see wildlife at their own environment, via huge panorama-multimedia-videos. 

Have you heard bear mouring? Or wolverine eating snow? At Luonto 2.17 (Nature 2.17) exhibition you may hear sounds of wildlife and nature too. And you may even hug dead woods there!

The most popular creature of Haltia is Halla-bear that is still sleeping the winter sleep. You may touch, pet and hug it -kids and adults love this!

 Haltia Karhu Bear Jari Kostet


Guided tours for kids (for groups)

Ohto, son of the Great Bear

Ohto has gotten lost from his mother and is now asking children to help him find her. Ohto’s story will lead you into Haltia’s main exhibition and amidst a wonderful adventure. The guided tour follows a scripted story and is full of action. Target groups: 4 to 6 years old.

Nature trail with Frank the Flying Squirrel

The adventure with Leevi the Flying Squirrel will take place on the trails in Haltia's nearby nature. The aim is to get to know the life of the flying squirrel as well as with nature through playing games and exploring. Target groups: 5 to 6 years old.

Animal's Olympic Games

Do you run faster than a bear? Do you hold the strength of an ant? Or can you jump further than a rabbit? Animal's Olympic Games is an active guided tour in the beautiful nature of Nuuksio. The goal is to support children's motoric basic skills and exercising in nature. Target groups: early childhood education groups and school classes 1st-3rd.

 Haltia liitoorava


Kids happenings at Haltia

Every first Saturday of the month (except June and July) there's big happening for kids, f.ex on February there's Winter day and on May there's Nature day. In addition to these, there's various activities organized by partners - kids adventures and trips. Even though majority of the program is in Finnish, it's easy to follow and join Haltia happenings. Welcome! 

Easy hiking trails, right from Haltia! 

Have a short and easy hike nearby Haltia, at Nuuksio! You may select “Päivättären polku -trail” (1.4km) or in case you enjoy beautiful views, take easy “Maahisenkierros- trail” (2km). Afterwards you may relax by campfire at teepee (“kota”).

 Haltia Nuotio Camp FIre Jari Kostet


Haltia Shop - Soft Toys and other souvenirs for kids

There's a good selection of kids' items at Haltia Shop: nature and animal themed books, games and clothes at Haltia Shop, not to mention about cute soft toys!   

Birthday parties at Haltia

Would you like to have memorable birthday party? Restaurant Haltia offers cool birthday parties with even cooler themes: Animal architects, the Forest trip of Frank the Flying Squirrel and the Berry trip of Ohto, son of the Great Bear. There's always cake, hot dogs and other yummies available at the birthday packages. 

Restaurant Haltia

Restaurant Haltia offers delicious buffet lunch every day, in addition some pastries and special cafes. There's home made doughnuts and even ice cream available - who could resist these?

Nature Schools

The nature school serves mainly 5-9th grade school groups from the municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with free nature school days. Contact us if you are interested in a nature school day in English. 

Haltia Luontokoulu Nature School