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Visit Haltia

Map of Haltia's locationExperience the touch of the nature! Haltia and its surroundings are easily accessible. The beautiful scenery of Nuuksio and Lake Nuuksio Pitkäjärvi as well as excellent hiking paths welcome both elementary and more experienced hikers. Haltia exhibitions give you an authentic experience of the nature across the whole of Finland. Haltia restaurant serves delicious meals and cafeteria products and at the Haltia shop you will find hiking items, souvenirs and gifts.

Haltia for exhibition-goers

At Haltia’s exhibitions, you can experience the beauty of Finland’s national parks as well as familiarise yourself with the recreational possibilities  available at the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. You can tour the exhibitions independently or participate guided tour. Familiarise yourself with the exhibitions >

Haltia for hikers

Hiker looking over the landscape in Lemmenjoki NPHaltia offers excellent recreation and hiking opportunities for all. You can hike independently on the trails nearby Haltia (Päivättären polku and Maahisen kierros)  or on the longer hiking trails at Nuuksio National Park. You may also ask for advise for hiking at other National parks in Finland. At Haltia you can enjoy nature by wheelchair. Read more about hiking 

Haltia for event coordinators

Haltia offers an ideal setting for private parties (weddings, birthday parties for all ages etc) and even demanding business meetings and events. The centre features conference services and meeting facilities equipped with high-quality technology. You may also include nature programme or services at the Nuuksio National Park / partners to your day. Read more about organising events 

Haltia for school groups

We welcome teachers and students to visit Haltia's Nature School. At Haltia's nature school, lessons and guided tours of the exhibitions students learn more about the nature at authentic environment. The objective is for all school children in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to visit Haltia at least once during lower secondary school. Read more about Haltia for school groups 

Haltia for you

At Haltia shop you will find small hiking items and nature books as well as souvenirs and gifts. The library corner is a place where you can look for information or just have a rest and enjoy yourself. The restaurant serves delicious "Nature Plate" lunch, coffee and pastries. Read more about the restaurant