Jannica Joelsson: Tribute to the animals

Galleria in Haltias’ stairways 26.10.2021-16.01.2022

The project that has led to photographer Jannica Joelssons’ exhibition in Haltia has been a personal journey with these animals/species. The artist Jannica Joelsson have always loved animals and nature. Although the animal is dead, it is still beautiful, existing in one of nature’s eternal cycles.

“The first works of art in human history are cave paintings of animals. The animals have always had a strong symbolic meaning in the culture both spiritually and with a view to our survival. In many indigenous peoples, animals were hunted only for food and all parts of the animal were used for something significant. The skulls were placed on the wall as a tribute to the highly esteemed animal and its important role in peoples survival.

I hope with my images to evoke feelings about our own relationship to nature and animals, wild and production animals. Without the animals we would not have come this far. They deserve our respect and a tribute”, says the Jannica Joelsson.

All skulls and dead animals are treated with the utmost respect and within the limits of Finnish law.

The pictures are for sale.
More information and selling, please contact the photographer directly: jannica.joelsson(at)gmail.com