Susanna Alava: Nature’s Light exhibition

Haltia’s Galleria 4.4.-31.7.2023

Welcome to the Nature’s Light exhibition. Here you can explore and enjoy the power of natural light and colour, the small miracles of nature, and the shifting moods of the different seasons.

Through these photographic works, the phptographer Susanna Alava wish to express her love for the nature around us and speak of how natural light and photography provides strength, joy, hope and peace in the midst of life’s challenges.

“Through the camera’s lens, I am immersed in my own magical world. I may become inspired, for example, to explore how a little stitchwort flower feels its way towards the evening light or how a a green canopy of leaves forms a safe, sheltered space. “Mother Earth” I came across while tracing my normal jogging route along the edge of a field on the first frosty morning of the autumn. The morning light revealed a delicate world of pastel hues. Chance plays a large role in how my photos come to be, and they are also connected with strong feelings and sensations.”

“Dare to stop, and you will see more,” I wrote in my poetry book during my years as a young poetry enthusiast.

A poem of Aaro Hellaakoski from his poetry collection “Jääpeili” (Ice Mirror, 1928) captures well, in my opinion, the fragile and momentary nature of life which I often experience as I photograph the wonders of nature. (in Finnish)

“Niin pieniksi kasvoimme


olit vaahteran lehdellä


niin väljästi mahduimme

sekunnin rakoon

kuin aika ois antanut

onnemme jakoon

ei silmäni kanna

ilon laidasta laitaan

kuin pieniksi joskus

tulla taitaan!

Aaro Hellaakoski

Come and see!

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About the photographer Susanna Alava

Susanna Alava at Instagram

I have studied and practised photography for over ten years. My approach is experimental, and I am always seeking to learn more.

I have photographed the small miracles of local nature, using close-up and macro photography, in both natural light and in my own, simple mini-studio. I have captured evocative landscapes using multiple exposure and intentional camera movement.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with chronic cancer. Hiking and nature photography in my local surroundings have been, to a great extent, my sources of strength and meaning. Not everyone recovers from cancer, but it is nevertheless possible to have a reasonably good life.

In 2020, my photo entitled “The Magic Light” won second place in the Free and Creative category of the Nature Photo of the Year competition, and it was also voted in Facebook as the best photo of the competition. I have also reached the semi-finals three times in this same competition. Although success in these competitions has been very gratifying and encouraging for me, especially during the pandemic years, the main drive is the simple joy of taking photos and enjoying nature.

For three years I have been part of the My Photography Project group led by photographer Hanna Råsti. Through this group, I have received support and coaching particularly in developing my own photographic style and expression. In November 2020, I participated in the HORISONTTI group exhibition on display in the Cable Factory’s Galleria West exhibition space.

This is the first time I am presenting my own photography exhibition, and I am so thankful for this opportunity. NATURE’S LIGHT made its first appearance at Villa Elfvik around the new year, and now is on display here at Haltia up until August. I am deeply grateful to all who those who have walked with me, taught me, and supported me in social media. I wish to thank the Cancer Society of Southern Finland, who ran the Empowering Photography course which I had the opportunity to attend. I am very grateful also to Finnfoto, the Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, for the grant received for this exhibition.