Recharge your Brain in the Nature

Haltia’s special exhibition 30.4.2021-30.10.2022

Well-being from the nature is this year’s theme at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia.

Studies show that nature nurtures us people in many ways; our senses get tuned, blood pressure reduces, brain feels and functions better, our immune system strenghtens and even just inhaling the foret air improves our helth in general. It is a smart decision to relax in the nature and protect it – by protecting the environment we protect ourselves.

Recharge your Brain in the Nature -exhibition will open in Haltia on 1st of May 2021 and it will get you aquainted with the health benefits of nature and give you ideas how to enjoy tthe benefits more consciously. The exhibition will take you to pick mushrooms, to enjoy the views of beautiful landscapes, to sense the natural scents and it will also lead you towards an actual nature trail! All this will help us understand how compranhensive is the nurturing power of nature.

In the exhibition you have possibilities to observe with different senses how the nature affects us, no matter how urban our up-bringing has been. In addition to informattion the exhibition will give tips and inspiration how anyone can activatte their senses in the nature.

After the exhibition tour you can head to the nearby Maahisenkierros-nature trail (2 kms), which starts from Haltia’s front door, and ponder the message and inspiration given by the exhibition. The trail is suitable for pushchairs and wheelcahirs too (with just a little assistance). The trail meanders in Nuuksio highlands passing beautiful forests and rocky grounds. The jewel of the trtail is the viewing platform where you can gaze over Nuuksio’s Pitkäjärvi lake and the surrounding forests.

Nature nurtures everyone regardless of the physical condition – the key is to spend time in in the nature, even without doing anything specific. You may take the knowledge learnt from the exhibition with you to all future treks and hikes in the nature. Please take a leaflet with you when leaving Haltia or download it from the link below.

This exhibition is produced in co-operation with Aivoliitto ry – Finnish Brain Association and Folkhälsan.

The popular exhibition will be displayed until October 2022.

Come and see!

Exhibition tickets and audio guide 13/8 €
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Don’t forget that you can visit all exhibitions at Haltia free of charge if you have a Museum Card!

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