Päivi Mikola: From the Forest With Love

Haltia’s light galleria 9.5.-6.8.2023

From the Forest With Love exhibitiondisplays Päivi Mikola’s works inspired by forests and the nature – not forgetting hands. The pieces consist of birch furniture designed by Mikola, as well as handcrafted textile art and so-called artefacts that have a common denominator in natural materials, wood and wool.

In addition to functionality and beauty, appreciation of quality woodwork is essential to the furniture.

According to the title of Päivi Mikola’s book Kauneus, järki ja tunteet (lit. Beauty, sense and sensibility), all of these are equally essential in the creation of a good product. And creating by hand is the key to a holistic understanding for the designer and artist.

“The wooden objects I have designed, their joints and surfaces, everything communicates to us about wood as a living material. Their creation necessitates the skilful hand of a professional. A cover for a rocking chair led me to the traditional rug technique, and that allowed me to use my hands also away from the drawing board. Rugs inspired me to execute images from nature, landscapes, and birds – to paint with yarn.

It is a slow but rewarding process to make a wall rug. You have plenty of time to think about what is ultimately real and to pay attention to what you are doing. To care about our environment.

I believe it is always possible to see things differently, more simply, from a new perspective.”

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About Päivi Mikola

Päivi Mikola is an architect and an interior architect, who, in addition to her own design work, has also taught design at the University of Oulu and in institutes of craft and design. She has been successful in national and international competitions in her field and has participated in many joint exhibitions of architecture and applied arts. She has also held several solo exhibitions since 1990.

Mikola founded her own furniture business, Colmio Oy, in 2003. Colmio is best known for its modern and simple colmio rocking chairs. In addition to business, Colmio show room has also served as an art gallery and a venue for various community events, first in Oulu and since 2012 in Porvoo.

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