Olivier Larrey: The Land of Wolves

Haltia outdoor exhibition area 16.12.2022-7.5.2023

The exhibition “The Land of Wolves” by the French nature photographer Olivier Larrey shows a total of 32 impressive photographs of wolves and wolf packs. Olivier Larrey has been following the life of a wolf pack for a couple of years in Eastern Finland for a documentary film that will be released on the big screen in the fall of 2023.

The exhibition can be seen in the outdoor exhibition area of ​​the Haltia event field every day. The exhibition is included in the price of the Haltia exhibition ticket.

On Haltia’s Outdoor Saturday on 4 February 2023, the topic of discussion will be wolves

In the main event of the Land of Wolves outdoor exhibition, wolves are discussed from different perspectives. Also Olivier Larrey will be at Haltia. Welcome to the free event! Read more about the Outdoor Saturday in February

Olivier Larrey

Olivier Larrey´s story as a naturalist started more than thirty years ago when a pair of Black Restart decided to nest in the garage of his family´s house. It was out of this first encounter with a passerine and his first observations “at home” that his passion was born for wildlife, biology and animal photography, which he would make his profession.

From mountain-country to tundra, from Europe to Asia by way of the poles, today Olivier´s favourite photographic subjects are the Cold and its kingdoms. The desert of ice and snowbound forest of the nature tales that he has been telling us for ten years. His acolytes are the Bear, the Penguin and the Wolf.

His tools of expression are film colour and black & white. Suffused with an original sense of poetry, his pictures are regularly exhibited in various European countries. He is co-author of two books: Taiga (2016) and Toundra (2020), published by Regard du Vivant. He also works with French and Belgian TV channels to produce animal reportages and documentary films.

Olivier Larrey

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