Suddenly the forest was dark

Haltia Galleria 7.9.2021-24.10.2021

“When the world was being created, one tree started to grow above everything else. Its branches stopped the clouds, and covered the sun and the moon. Even the starlight died, and the world became dark.”

In this exhibition, a Finnish environmental artist Saara Alhopuro and a British botanical artist Rebekka Clarke lead you into a fairytale, where elements from nature tell stories inspired by Finnish mythology.

Saara Alhopuro (FIN) is a land artist and photographer, whose studio is the forest. She uses wild mushrooms, skulls and other natural materials to create colorful installations, which she leaves in the forest for anyone to discover, with the aim to provoke viewers’ imagination and sense of wonder. The artworks stay in the cycle of nature, but Alhopuro gives them a new life through fine-art photography. Alhopuro’s work has been featured in exhibitions around Finland, and in over 20 languages in television, newspapers and magazines around the world.

Rebekka Clarke (UK) is a Helsinki-based botanical artist, whose work explores the yearning to connect. In Haltia her installation explores the ways human existence and the complex connections of fungal networks beneath our feet are entangled. Her floral forms sprouting up from the forest floor remind us of both the ancient and modern-day routes that reconnect humanity to more-than-human organisms and the spiritual world. In recent years Clarke’s art has been featured at Milan Fashion Week, Helsinki Design Museum and several Finnish TV shows, among others.