Adventure exhibition: My night as a flying squirrel

Special exhibition at Haltia 1 June 2020– 11 April 2021

You have probably spent a day as a groundhog sometime, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a night as a flying squirrel?

Come to Haltia, put on the cape and explore the night with the eyes of a flying squirrel at Haltia’s special exhibition “My night as a flying squirrel”! In Haltia’s active adventure exhibition, you will learn about this mystical nocturnal animal that only few people have seen. In the exhibition, you can explore the habitat of the flying squirrel and look for traces it and its neighbours have left. You can wander around in the flying squirrel’s forest and learn about its wonderful life.

In Kino Haltia, you’ll find photos taken by the photographer Benjam Pöntinen, best known for his photos of flying squirrels, and get to know stories about this mystical nocturnal animal. The exhibition in Haltia’s outdoor exhibition area presents urban flying squirrels.

But why is it dark inside Haltia? Because the flying squirrel feels most comfortable in the dark. We welcome your whole family to the adventure!

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