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Kuva: Tapani Mikkola

Nuuksio National Park

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a gateway to the wilds of the Nuuksio lake uplands. From Haltia’s grounds, you can hike directly to the national park's main entrance at Haukkalampi. The connection trail is roughly 4.6 kilometres long. 

Hike from Nuuksio to Haltia

Trail connections with signposts from Haltia to different parts of Nuuksio will be restored, as Metsähallitus is cooperating with the nearby municipalities and the Solvalla sports institutes to improve the Nuuksio hiking trails. You can hike to Haltia from the edges of the Nuuksio lake uplands – from the Pirttimäki, Salmi and Oittaa gates, for example. 

The trails and their lengths: 

Salmi–Haukkalampi–Haltia hiking trail, roughly 14 km 

Veikkola–Haukkalampi–Haltia hiking trail, roughly 13.6 km 

Oittaa–Haltia hiking trail, roughly 11 km 

Pirttimäki–Haltia hiking trail, roughly 7 km 

Klassari gate–Haukkalampi–Haltia hiking trail, roughly 12.5 km 

Nupuri gate–Haltia pedestrian and bicycle way, roughly 8 km 

The gates offer easy access to hiking across Nuuksio to Haltia or other destinations. The new signposts at the starting points and along the trails guide you through Nuuksio across the land ownership boundaries and tell you which modes of transportation are allowed on each route. The trails run partially along the pre-existing recreation trails and paths, but completely new sections were also added in 2012. 

What is Nuuksio?

A bridge trailing over a lake in Haukkalampi areaThe Nuuksio National Park covers the westernmost part of the Nuuksio lake uplands, which is the largest and, as regards natural values, most important continuous wilderness area in the Uusimaa Region. Nuuksio boasts beautiful glens, steep gullies, rocks, groves, lakes, ponds and bogs. Dozens of endangered or near-threatened animal, plant and fungi species live in the national park area. The diversity of nature in Nuuksio is due to its southern location and the fragmented bedrock that has given rise to a wide array of varying habitats.

Nuuksio has seen many travellers

Nuuksio has a long history. The archaeological digs commenced in 2010 and the stone-age items discovered reveal that people have moved in Nuuksio and the surrounding areas since immediately after the end of the Ice Age. Stone-age people settled in the surroundings of the current national park, but signs of settlement dating back so far have not been found in the park itself. In the Iron Age, agriculture brought a lot of settlement to the fertile areas surrounding Nuuksio, but the lake uplands continued to be used as hunting and fishing grounds only. Although the Nuuksio National Park is located in the middle of a hectic and densely populated area, the lands inside the park boundaries have remained remarkably deserted through the centuries. One reason for this has been the poor road connections to Nuuksio. 

A hiker's paradise

The Nuuksio National Park offers nature experiences untouched by the hectic life of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. There are a total of 33 kilometres of marked hiking trails in the national park as well as cooking shelters and camping areas that make the park an excellent hiking destination. Nearly one million hikers visit Nuuksio each year. 

In the national park and its surroundings, hikers can also go on an overnight trip by combining the short trails running through the area or navigating outside the trails. You may spend the night in the park area in a tent or at the lean-to shelters and the huts that are available on reservation. More hiking options are offered by the outdoor recreation areas owned by the Cities of Helsinki and Espoo in the surrounding environment. 

In addition to hiking, Nuuksio is ideal for cross-country skiing, fishing, bicycling, horseback riding, climbing, berry and mushroom picking, swimming and geocaching, among other activities. 

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