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Finland's National Parks

Haltia National parks Finland2Do you seek a short walk in nearby nature or a long and challenging hiking trip deep into the forest? Perhaps you dream of camping under the stars? Go to a national park via Haltia! 

The National Parks protect the gems of Finnish nature. They represent typical Finnish nature – the nationally and internationally most valuable parts of it. They include national landscapes and other nature attractions. The parks are also ideal for hiking and feeling refreshed. 

The National Parks are large, state-owned nature conservation areas with the important task of protecting biodiversity and giving people the opportunity to enjoy and relax in nature. There are marked trails, nature trails and campfire sites in the national parks. You may also spend the night at the parks, as they have designated camping areas and structures for overnight stays. All of Finland’s National Parks are managed by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland.

Haltia is your guide to national parks

Haltia’s main exhibition introduces you to the wonders of our national parks. Finland’s 40 National Parks invite you to discover your own way of encountering the stunning nature of our country and its treasures. Each year, nearly three million people visit the national parks, but there is plenty of room for everyone. Your trip to the national parks starts at Haltia. 

The main exhibition offer information on and experiences related to Finland’s National Parks. 

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Wonderful experiences in national parks - From the sea to the fjells.