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Blues for a Bee

Haltia Galleria 23.9.2020-17.1.2021

Music, deep psychology and nature, often in combination, have been the sources from where artist Michael Rahikainen get the topics for his paintings and drawings. A year ago there was a lot of discussion considering the eradication of several insect species. Michael Rahikainen felt worried, and from his concern a monotype called ” Blues for a dragonfly” saw daylight. This was the beginning of a whole series of works, and eight of them are presented now in Haltia. The three other ones are older works, but thematically they go well together with the bugs.

"The Noux area is an old acquaintance to me, and it is a nice privilege to have the opportunity to exhibit my works in Haltia", says Michael Rahikainen.


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